TTG 1646 for Saturday 23 Nov 2019

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I just downloaded it :slight_smile:

When recommending a Pixelbook Go to a caller, I couldn’t help but laugh when I heard you (@Leo) say, and I quote, “Your daughter will love it, it’s got a grippy rubber bottom”.

I’m tellin’ ya, ‘grippy rubber bottom’ is now your most used filler word(s) :joy:


FYI Leo - I am listening to this episode, and you are recommending a Chromebox to that older woman. You also mentioned graphics programs she could use on a Chromebox…

In the past, I tried several of the free graphics editors you previously mentioned… You talk about Polarr a lot, but I found Pixlr Editor to work almost exactly the same as Photoshop. The layout and tools are almost the same. It was my favorite of the various Chrome extension graphic programs.

Also, when it comes to Chromeboxes, I think the ASUS Chromebox 3 is really great… And, I looked at all the different brands at the time… But, no one locally in my area actually carries a Chromebox… Months ago when I was looking for one, I noticed that while Bestbuy had one on their website,it isn’t a product they seem to carry in their physical stores. At least not here in Texas…

Best Buy seems to only want to sell Chromebooks in their stores… To buy a Chromebox, you really need to order one online… But then, one does have to be careful not to buy a Chromebox 2 or older Chromebox online - as many vendors still sell older ones that do not come with the android store like the later ones do…

I bought my Asus Chromebox 3 back in Jan for $239, but they are about up to $270 now (for some reason). I ordered mine from the WalMart website at the time, and I had it delievered directly to the store. (they do not carry them inside of the WalMart store). I did this because it was my first Chrome device at the time, and I knew it would be much easier to do a return at WalMart if I did not like it or had an issue - with no restocking fee.

Now, 3 Chrome OS devices later - I still use my ASUS Chromebox 3 more than my two Chromebooks.

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