1 more try at Chromebook tablets

It is nice to see another attempt at a Chromebook tablet coming in the future:

It is sad that these have not caught on like other tablets. Lenovo is giving it 1 more try. And, it seems that it is priced right. People do not seem to want to pay a lot of money for a Chromebook. But the cheap Chromebooks are admittedly not that great. But, I think that hurts the more innovative designs (because those models cost more).

I have a HP Chromebook X2 tablet, and I love it. It came with the detachable keyboard (which was nice, unlike the Google tablet where it must be purchased separately). But, I never use the keyboard. It is 100% tablet for me.

I think HP failed in illustrating that it worked like a Microsoft Surface. I had seen the X2 Chromebook in many online ads - and every photo always showed the keyboard attached. It wasn’t until I saw it at a Best Buy, that I realized it could be detached. I asked an employee, and he showed me how it detached.

I knew I wanted it then. And even though I had just bought a Dell Chromebook a month before, I knew I would be getting it. I just waited until I hit a great sale. Had I known the HP existed, I doubt I would have even bought the Dell.

Unfortunately, the X2 Chromebook has since discontinued by HP. And, I think poor marketing had something to do with it.

Once you get used to Chrome in tablet mode, it works very well. I like that it is a complete PC too (well, Chromebook, anyway) and not just a tablet per se. If I want to hook a mouse and keyboard to it, I can.

Because of its size, I can bring it to work with me everyday in my bag. And, if I need to sign in to my bank or do personal business, I can use it instead of my work PC.

The only complaint is that at 12 inches, it is a rather large tablet. But, when streaming, it is fantastic to have such a large screen. Also, I originally tried buying a Microsoft Surface Go, when they first came out. I set it up with a mouse and keyboard, but the screen was just too small to work on for any length of time. It gave me eye strain, and i returned it after 1 week. I do not have that issue with this Chromebook tablet.

You would think that Samsung would come out with a similar product, given that they make so many different android tablets. (and they make Chromebooks too)

Anyway, this new Lenovo Chrome tablet seems to be sized more to compete with normal tablets.

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Android tablet apps are a disappointment. That needs to get fixed before I can take a tablet running a Google OS seriously. .

Maybe it depends on what you do with the tablets. I used my S2 Samsung tablet for mostly internet, email and watching videos.

The only negative is the eventual stopping of security updates. I have owned a couple of ipads, and I got sick of them slowing down so, so much with every OS update. To the point where you can barely use it eventually. Plus, it sometimes seems that Apple makes many unnecessary updates and changes that seems that they did it just to change something.

Years late, my S2 tablet is still as fast as the day I bought it. It works great. Samsung finally did an security update last year after none for some time. But, that’s really the only complaint I have…

iOS 12 did wonders for older devices. Regarding the apps, the native apps are fine, but third-party tablet apps on Android are bad.

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Samsung have released some really under powered tablets over the years so I’m pleased that somebody can still use their old Samsung tablet !

That Lenovo one looks good, but I’ve never bitten the bullet with chromeOS, I just assume that its going to limit me somehow because I do too much tinkering.

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I am so interested in this tablet especially when I learned it comes with the keyboard. I don’t want a super powerful config for a Chromebook . Will be watching reviews closely :stuck_out_tongue:

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