Recommended Android Tablet $200 to $300

I would appreciate recommendation for an Android Tablet for between 200 and 300 dollars. Also do you think of the new amazon tablet?

Thanks in advance.

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IMHO, the only good android tablets are made by Samsung. The more expensive ones have better displays and better specs. You need to look at the various models and see what you can live with.

The resolution on the Amazon ones are not very good, in my opinion.

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I was going to suggest that there aren’t any good Android tablets… for the simple reason that Android developers don’t seem to care to make their apps tablet aware on any consistent basis. But I concur with @Mistershipwreck’s advice… if you have apps you want to use on the tablet (or just want it to run a browser) then get the best Samsung you can afford.

I was on a phone earlier, so I couldn’t type out a huge amount…

I have a Samsung S2 that I still have. It is great. But, I did buy a Chromebook tablet a few months ago to replace it. I still have the S2, and I use it occasionally.

What is nice is that the Samsung S2 has never slowed down like an Ipad does with operating system updates. And, it has a screen that was about equal to an Ipad. Now, the S3 and S4 are the more modern versions. But, they are not cheap.

Samsung does have some cheaper tablets - price goes up as resolution goes up. Go check Office Depot and Best Buy. They have display models out

I gave up with Android tablets and moved to iPad. I still prefer Android phones however.

I was finding the mid range Android tablets were pretty poor. Yes the £500+ Samsungs might be good, but I’m not paying that for a tablet. Got a brand new iPad 2018 for £309 about a year ago. For the money I don’t think you can beat them tbh.

It’s interesting how Apple have kept them relatively cheap compared to the iPhone.

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I do appreciate the information. I have heard Leo also say that Android tablets are not as good as Apple. I just never have wanted an Apple product since I have always been a PC person. I have a Samsung S9 phone and I am very happy with it. From your information it seems that most of you agree that Samsung Tablets are the best android tablets. Again, thanks for all the great information.

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I was a HUGE Apple fanatic for a while. But, I found that Apple just kept updating and messing with the operating system constantly - with their updates. Everything would be perfect, and they would change something just to change something.

I had my tablet 90% of the time for browsing. After they messed with a couple of browser things, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. And, I switched to an Android tablet.

As long as they make alternative tablets to apple, and they have good resolution, that is what I plan to stick with from now on.

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Thanks for one vote for Android! I plan to use it for browsing, playing a few games and reading books so I would guess a lesser priced Android would do that okay. I might watch a movie now and then.

What I did to replace my Android tablet was buy the HP Chromebook X2. It is a full chromebook with a detachable keyboard. I detaches just like the Microsoft Surface tablets.

It even comes with the keyboard and a stylus, but I never attach the keyboard. I use it only as a tablet. I paid $399 at Best Buy. However, Best Buy recently discontinued it. They are $599 at HP, but Amazon and Walmart had them for $479 earlier this week.

For $399, it was a steal. It’s nice to have a tablet that is actually an entire PC, and not just a tablet. But, I went this route because the Samsung S4 was just so expensive.

If you can swing the price for that, it would be much better than the the normal tablet IMHO. And, it runs many android apps too.

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Thanks for the recommendation, I will certainly consider it.

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There’s not much worth having in that price range. This is one of the reasons I still have a few Nexus 7 (2013) devices sitting in boxes.

Depending what you want to do, an Amazon Fire tablet isn’t a bad choice.

I hate to be “that guy,” but I don’t think that I would recommend an Android tablet at any price range. Google has essentially given up on them. They haven’t made any tablet-oriented software updates in quite some time. If you want the Play Store and Google Services, you’re better off getting a convertible Chromebook with a touchscreen.

This is true, but I think it depends what you want the device for. Most tablets not by Samsung today essentially think they are just very large phones. I have some tablets (Nexus 7 and Samsung devices) running LineageOS, which does usually give them more modern Android features like multi-window which is useful for tablets.

If what you want to do is just play Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, etc or read eBooks and browse the web, I think you can still find tablets to fit your needs. If you’re looking for a high end device for gaming, media creation, etc then I think you’re right, the Chromebook is the way to go.

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Do those devices receive monthly security updates? Probably not. Tablet apps were never great on Android and have only gotten worse after Google all but gave up on the form factor. The fact that you can’t even get one running stock Android speaks volumes.

To be fair, there are also a number of Android smartphones that don’t receive monthly security updates.

I did get a security update on my old Samsung S2 recently. 1st in a while.

I think you will get updates on a new S5 or S6 for a while. But, Samsung is usually a month or 2 in releasing security updates on their cell phones. Although, in the last couple of months, they have sped it up finally.

I wouldn’t recommend them either.

Buy this:

It is what I mentioned above. Granted - you missed the $399 price from Bes Buy before it was discontinued. But, the keyboard disconnects from the “tablet” - just like the MS Surface computers.

They also make a case for it that is sold on Amazon:

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I’m a big tablet user and think I’ve tried them all. (I had the first iPad but that was my first and last Apple product ever - sold it after 6 months.) I’ve tried to love the Amazon Fire tablets but I just can’t. I’ve had pretty good luck with Lenovo android tablets. They are good for casual games, particularly. Pretty solid. Pretty cheap. But, like others, my Samsung Tab A is really superior to all in every way for every use.

Thanks for all the responses. You given me plenty of option to consider.

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