Trying to locate an episode with woman NASA programmer

Several years back(and I believe it was on The Tech Guy) a woman had called for some help from Leo. They ran into an extended commercial break but Leo chatted with this woman off air for a considerable amount of time. I believe her name was Katherine.
Turns out that this woman was an early NASA programmer, previously a mathematician in the right place at the right time.It was an excellent episode, a rebroadcast of the original call. I’m thinking this may have been Katherine Johnson who passed earlier this year at 101.
Does anyone recall this episode. I’ve tried various searces to no avail.
Thanks, Mike

Hi there, Mike! :slight_smile:

You will probably know that The Tech Guy is transcribed and documented over at (Leo mentions this frequently, that’s why I assume I am pointing out the obvious). However, I popped over and entered “Katherine” in the search field and it shows precisely one result from 2015.

Now it would almost be too much good luck (I just skimmed through it and it seems that she did not mention NASA), but maybe - just maybe. However, this is a good place to start:

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Fascinating life story - reminds me of the great “Hidden Figures” movie.

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Sadly, that’s not it. She had an interesting life, but the charm of the whole call was that she had called for help and Leo started shooting the breeze with her during the break and all these little “trivial” things came out as Leo discovered he was talking to history, and she was like it was no big deal, all in a day’s work matter o fact.

Sounds fun! Maybe there’s a way to find it. Thinking audio stream => speech-to-text => text analysis. I’ll think about it a bit more. A wonderful needle in a haystack. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure it was The Tech Guy as well. It’s been a while but I remember the story. I believe it was at the end of the episode and he actually continued to help her off the air after the show was over. But my memory could be failing me.

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At least I know my memory isn’t failing me and that someone else remembers it.

I believe it might be a bit more recent and she was calling about a Macbook problem, not surprisingly she was very clued-up about Mac technology. The conversation I’m remembering may not be the same person though - I think the caller I recollect was in her 80s.

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I think you’re right, it matches with what I remember.

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I agree also, and also that is fairly recent in the last year or two.