Just want to thank Leo

I worked in IT and it can be a very stressful job. I just want to say that listening to the Tech Guy helped me a lot dealing with users rather than hiding in the server room in a fetal position, haha! But srsly, hearing how Leo is so patient and understanding answering callers’ questions reminded me that tech is hard and confusing for the average person. It helped me so much. Thank you!


Yes, Leo is da man!!!


Leo, you deserve a big thank you, and so much more for what you have done for the tech community. You have such a knack for explaining things so well, tech things I mean. . . I don’t how you are at explaining other things :wink:

The time that you put into the numerous shows that you do weekly is truly impressive!
And of course, you clearly have been blessed with the perfect friendly radio voice for what you do! You are a great General for this TWIT army.

Thank You!


Agreed! Tech should be making life easier, not harder. And with how complex systems are becoming, fast things are changing and the often user hostile updates that are made is it any wonder people get overwhelmed. Especially the ‘normal’ folk who don’t live in this world 24/7.

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That’s really kind of you. Thanks. I have to say I’m not nearly as patient with family and friends as I am on the radio! But I try!!


I think that is the norm for most people with any topic.

It’s easy to fall into the same routine with family/friends. It’s much easier to be patient with others…

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By the way, thanks for coming around on Chromebooks and recommending them. They are my default for anyone who doesn’t have a specific need that requires a lot of local processing power or storage. I have my sisters and friends on them.I just wish there were a Teamviewer equivalent so I could connect and remotely fix occasional problems like printer connections.

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Will that function like Teamviewer, where I can log onto their Chromebook and see the resources that are on their machine, like printers? Would I be able to see SD cards plugged into their Chromebook with the Files app?

I haven’t used it for a while, but from memory, you can do anything the user can do from they keyboard and mouse.

Leo, I just want to add my thanks for the TWiT network. I listen, mainly, and for much of the last 10 years has kept me sane as I drove for hours a day.

But I especially like this community effort. It is nice to be in the company of a bunch of smart people with similar interests.

There are, of course many viewpoints and attitudes, but I hope such an inelligent group will remain above the chaos of other platforms.

Thank you, and Enjoy!


I’ll second the thanks to @Leo - and all of the TWiT team - for all of the hard work and professionalism that goes into making the shows sound effortless. Even if sometimes it has to be like the swan: gliding on the surface, paddling like mad underneath!

As I don’t think I’ve seen it mentioned, I want to say a particular thank you for the quality of the sponsor messages. I know you have to mostly work from a sponsor script, but all the hosts manage to turn them into a personalised message, fluently read, that gives me a genuine interest in the products. This in contrast to some non-TWiT podcasts where the same script is sometimes flatly read without conviction. Thanks for recruiting hosts who know how to improvise, to project, to relate to their audience, and to convey it all through the microphone (and camera).