Trying Brave & Edge, new tabs option

I’ve been using Firefox since it was Phoenix. Some things are working less and less reliably and I am trying Brave and Edge.

One problem I have is that in Firefox, all new tabs are opened at the end of the tab bar, so that I can work through them in order, this is an option in about:config. Chromium based browsers just open the new tabs higgeldy-piggeldy next to whatever tab you are currently looking at. There is no chronological order to it.

Is there a similar option in Chrome to open the tabs chronologically / at the end of the list? I’ve found a couple of references to an add-on, but I don’t want to use an add-on for such a simple task that should be part of the browser…

Chrome opens new tabs next to the parent tab. I don’t think there is a way of changing the behaviour unless you use an extension.

A shame, that is probably the most frustrating thing about it. I often open 15 to 20 tabs from a couple of newsfeeds and in Firefox they all open at the end, ready to read. In Chrome based browsers, they end up scattered all through the list of tabs.

I guess I’ll have to use the add-on. :frowning:

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I just loaded Edge on my iOS devices to give it a whirl

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I find third party browsers on iOS are a bit like second class citizens. Even though you can set them as default browsers now, I don’t think they can use their own rendering engines - they are basically wrappers for Webkit.

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yeah, but you can try them out and see if you like them - their interface, how they work etc! And I liked it on iOS so I just installed it on one of my Macs

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I like Edge on the desktop. M1 version isn’t available outside dev yet though and the Intel version running under Rosetta is very slow.

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I’ve been using Mozilla code since the first version of Netscape. I haven’t noticed it to be any more unreliable recently than ever before. What sorts of unreliability are you experiencing? Perhaps you want to try creating a new user profile and see if something has gotten broken with your normal one.
Try the command line firefox -ProfileManager

Darn, got my hopes up that there was some obscure solution for this. Little stuff like this makes that vein in my forehead bulge.

I just sent a feedback item in, maybe it’ll get picked up by the devs someday.

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They’re webkit based but the benefits are things like the opportunity to sync favorites, passwords, open tabs across platform, and also have a familiar UI.

Mainly add-ons, especially LastPass and on Android, it has completely stopped working with the LastPass app.

Annoying, but not such a problem is that it constantly displays an I-bar on the screen, even on static text, not on edit fields. But it has been doing that for over a year now.

I switched to Brave a few years ago after Leo mentioned it though I think he’s moved on. There have been some real frustrations, above all, sync’ing bookmarks to other devices but that’s now resolved. My main reason for continuing with it is the feature which allows me to clear all cookies on exit except from a custom list of sites. I have not found how to do that on Safari or Firefox. I use Dashlane for password management and it works reasonably well in Brave.
I understand your issue with opening of new tabs. I just click on the tab when open and slide it left or right to where I want it, extra effort I know but pretty easy.