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I like to travel! And I know many of you do. This is a section for general travel talk (and the tech of travel, too!).


I’m wondering what would be the minimum kit you would consciously travel with to a bucket-list destination. I used to take all my big cameras and lenses a tripod and flashes. Now, and it took me some time I’m good with any Olympus I have and two lenses. 12-100 zoom and a 17 prime. I still can’t just go with the mobile. It’s a conundrum because when you come back from a trip a find your best pics ( a bunch) were with the phone does that mean your expensive kit is for sale or put on the shelf?

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Great idea. Both the topic of travel, and the tech challenge it provides.
Have to admit my travel interests tend towards seeing the really ancient civilization locations, like the stone and wood circles in Briton, cave paintings, and cave dwellings. Really bring out the desire that time travel or at least ability to see into the past was a reality. My other travel interests are to see the natural wonders in places most people never see, such as the northern lights, the Arctic and Antarctica.
The tech challenge tends to be maintaining connection to the internet.
I travel with an old fashioned Garmin Oregon 550 attached to my backpack, on my eVest, in my pocket, or mounted in any vehicle we travel in, so every step is recorded, then downloaded to an ongoing world travel map started in about 2005. Means I have to carry a LOT of AA batteries.
And, as my artistic abilities are non-existent, I have finally reduced my photographic equipment from DSLR, to Point and Shoot, and finally arriving at iPhone only.
And using a Scott eVest to transport most of my tech toys makes going through security almost a breeze.

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@Bgeeoz I’ve been thinking about a Scott eVest, but I travel mostly to warm places. Are the eVest very warm ?

Travel and Tech, two of my favorite hobbies. Maybe Leo could ask JohnnyJet to frequent this forum.

@John_T have a look at their website. They sell a selection of all different weight and style clothes. It’s not just vests. But they all have lots of pockets. I bought the Q.U.E.S.T and love it. A bit heavy for tropical climate, but fine anywhere else. Mine has been dog sledding in Norway, and hiking in Zion. But, be a bit smarter than me, and get a darker colour.

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I don’t know if any of you ever travel to the UK, but I used to run the Shrewsbury leg of the Worldwide Photo Walk.

I took the giant hound round the route this morning, if anyone gets over here and wants a guided tour, give me a yell.