Family Vacation Events App?

Hi all in Twit land,
I am helping my in laws plan a big multiple event party at a Mexican resort later this year. There are going to be about 100-120 guests attending. The Mexican resort is HUUuge and many guests are staying in different buildings. We are printing out a paper and pen version, including photos of all the weeks’ events. It will be neatly bound in binder form. So every guest will have one for their hotel room. This will be given out at the welcoming all guests party. But myself being a techie, I wanted to know if there is an App that I can use or download to use instead of this binder ?

On the printed version, I was thinking of of including a QR Code type box at the end of every page so guests can scan that and get information of the days schedule sent to their smart phone. But I really prefer an app that would handle all of this for me ? I have all their users and email addresses so creating usernames and passwords will not be a problem.

So for example, on night 2, guests can be sitting at bar, scrolling through their phone to seevwhats in store for Day 3 events ??? Guest simply pick up their cell phone and can see what events are planned, and any venue changes, what restaurants we have made reservations to, etc. etc. etc.

Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have until July to figure this all out.

I doubt you’ll find the perfect solution. If you have the resources to run your own website (on a VPS) say, you could host a wiki or similar. This might be great for after the event connections and sharing, for example.

Otherwise, maybe use something like the Google Spreadsheet to share the day’s schedule, and you can then have the QR codes point at the day’s spreadsheet.

One thing you COULD do, is use a link shortener in the middle, so if your plans change, you can easily update where the QR code goes without having to worry about reprinting them.

I like the wiki… But its not ideal looking at wikipedia pages on your cell phone. There must be an app out there

Google suggested:

I actually found FamilyWall app and I think that can be modified

I think the best use is a google document you can share the document you were going to create but it can even have links in it so its more informative. You can choose to invite people for more security or anyone with a link. You can edit it as the days go on if their are changes and even give others the ability to edit. One of the links can be a shared google album to add photos.

You could run the whole thing in Teams, or if you are not an MS fan, there is always Slack. Teams will give you real time updates and comms, it will also give you the ability to have attached file areas and it will give calendaring and alarms too