iPad Killer Apps?

Hello all. I recently purchased an iPad Pro to add to my collection of Apple products. Since I’ve not had an iPad in several years I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on apps they thought where a cut above the rest. If you have any suggestions let me know the name and also a simple review or reason why the app stands out for you.

So far my favorite has been Pocketcast simply as it feels like a big screen version of my iPhone app but allows me to keep it in PIP while I’m browsing other apps as well.

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Lightroom and Affinity Photo are great for photo editing. Appollo is the Reddit app. Call of Duty Mobile is fun, especially when paired with a controller. Monopoly also translates well. Reeder is a really nice RSS client.


Mine is based on how I use it. Hulu, Disney +, Discovery +, PBS Video, CBS News, Weather Nation, I Heart Radio and Tune In Radio. Since I live in the who that nation.The Weather Nation app is not on my optional list you need it.

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LumaFusion is a great video editor. It is a paid app, but good value for the money if you want a legitimate non linear editor.

@Joe mentioned Lightroom and Affinity Photo already. I’d add Pixelmator to that list, as well as Darkroom.

Recently I’ve been enjoying the Xbox Cloud gaming as well. I connect my iPad Pro 11 to an Xbox controller and it makes for a nice little gaming experience.

Not an app, but if you want to lean into the productivity side I can recommend the Logitech Combo Touch. it is like having a slightly smaller Surface Pro. It does add some bulk, but I like having the kickstand, and the keyboard/trackpad experience is pretty good. Paired with Office and Teams, this has been my day-trip computer.
Combo Touch Keyboard Case with Trackpad for iPad Pro & iPad Air (logitech.com)

Enjoy your new iPP and check back in to let us know how it’s going!

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If you’re into drawing then you should check out Procreate. A friend of mine is a tattoo artist and she swears by it - most of the work I’ve had done was designed in Procreate. I’ve seen her work magic in it!