TNW 172: Net Neutrality Returns!

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I know I am getting to the point were my next phone will be an iPhone. I was looking for info about the Android 11 update for the Motorola Action One, and if the info is correct, the updates will roll out world wide shortly, except for the US version which will not get updated.
If that is true, then screw Moto, it’s time to switch platforms.

Android phone manufactures do not support the hardware they sell for any meaningful length of time. Phones have so much personal and sensitive info, but not offering security updates after a year or two is just idiotic. They want you to buy the top end phone, but only support it for 3 years tops, most not even that long. And going the third party ROM route can be fun, but it gets to be too much work after time as even the third party teams lose interest and move to newer phones.

And Google is just getting too evil. I stopped using Chrome and am thinking of getting my own domain so I can control my email.

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