TWIG 549: Google's Fishal Recognition

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Interesting (and at times hilarious!) conversations throughout the show all while delivering the news. Props to all, thanks! :metal::metal:


“Android One is in shambles?”
News to me. I have a Nokia7plus, which I use as a mini-tablet because of a broken camera, that upgraded from 8, to 9, and then 10 last month, with monthly security updates the whole time.
My daily-driver, a Nokia 7.2, hasn’t upgraded to 10 yet (which I’m okay with, because I’d rather it work well on 9 than poorly on the next version), but still getting those monthly security patches.
I also think you might have confused Android One with Android Go a little bit.


I was thinking the same thing. My dad is using a two-year-old Nokia 6.1 and it’s up-to-date with security patches. That’s a lot more than I can say for a lot of $900+ Android flagships out there.

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