AAA 486: Upgrade Promises Are Improving

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In regards to Oxygen OS 11 getting more customised, it occurs to me that OnePlus are getting more ambitious.

In a way they are copying Samsung’s own playbook: copy the market leader & add better specs for the price. By aligning more closely to Samsung’s OneUI, they probably hope to entice existing Samsung users with a similar expierence. It’s the same tactic Samsung used with Nokia many years ago and then with the iPhone on the early S series phones.

With Samsung’s S series phones going up in price and OnePlus top of the line flagship still costing less than the entry level S20 RRP; they can still play the value card.

So yes, the enthusiasts won’t be happy; but on a general sales level the customisations have worked for Samsung a lot better than the Pixel experience has for Google.

This is a sad subject! I feel bad for Android folks who don’t get 5-6 or more years of OS updates

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I feel the same as Jerry who wrote the article they discussed.

With phones that cost > $500US there is no way I’d buy an Android over an iPhone due to the short update life.

In the past I’ve bought < $200 brand new Android phones and with those typically there were no OS version updates and often no security updates. However at those prices, especially my first smartphone ($80), it was reasonable there is no room in the cost for update support.

In the last few years I’ve migrated to mid-range Google phones to get the 3 year support ($400 Nexus 5X, $300 Pixel 3a, and today $350 for a Pixel 4a). If someday Google extends the support to 5 years then I’d consider a > $500 phone from them, but as it stands now I’d switch to an iPhone if I’m spending that much money.


It’s nice that Samsung’s formally stated their upgrade policy, but…I wonder what that means for users like me? I got the Galaxy S10+ in April, which is still being sold on their website. It shipped with Android 9 and, within a week of opening the package, it was upgraded to Android 10. So will I get upgrades through Android 13 or will they stop at 12…?

That should mean upgrade to 12 + a year of patches for 12.

The important bit is the patches. They are critical for a device that spends all of its time online. I’m not too bothered about the version upgrades, as long as I get the patches within a couple of days of Google announcing them.

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I was reading c’t magazine this morning at they put the Pixel 4a and the OnePlus Nord head-to-head. The OnePlus Nord was streets ahead of the 4a in every category, from single and multi-core performance to battery longevity to recharge times.

If I wanted to contact Samsung with feedback on their phones and strategy, who would I contact and where?