Tinfoilhattery Survey: The transparent consumer during SARS-CoV-2

This is called “Tinfoilhattery” for a reason - take with an X-Files-sized grain of salt, please. (Consider this “rice ball” my recommendation to put on the hat:) :rice_ball:

Ok - this is experimental to see whether any one of you can generate a resonance for a thought I had the other day on the discussion of app- / tech- / surveillance-based help of battling Corona, much of it appearing somewhat hamstrung.

The gist of it:
If we do live in a surveillance society / economy, where is the data that can help curb the pandemic and why don’t “they” appear to use it productively?

“the data” = anything surveillance, really: personal movement information, “Enemy of the State” type material
“they” = governmental or commercial organisations that hold this data (everyone knows “they” - come on!)

Feel free to add missing options below. I am open to from tongue-in-cheek to hard-evidence-on-lizard-people, but don’t take it too seriously. :slight_smile:

  • They do have the data but don’t want to admit that by offering to use it (fear backlash).
  • … but choose not to show their hand (inform opposition).
  • … but don’t feel it would help (“meh”).
  • … but lost it somewhere and can’t find it.
  • They don’t have the data, never had.
  • …, had it, were reigned in for political / legal reasons.
  • …, had it, then lost it / access to it for technical reasons.
  • There is no data aggregated and “to be had”.
  • Does not matter, does not have anything to do with it - does a “Homer walking into the hedge”.
  • They have it, they use it, the impact is non-existent.
  • They have it, they use it, the impact is good but concealed.

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It seems the missing and appropriate answer may have been: “they are working on it, but it’s taking some time.”