Your phone is about to become a bigger snitch

It’s optional until it’s not. I fear this will become just like Apple’s use of Bluetooth. You say you want it off, and Apple pretends to turn it off, but it’s never really off because it’s too useful for their “services.” My phone usually sits at home and never leaves anyway, so this wouldn’t really impact me, but I do fear how this seems a lot like a “1984” style government awareness program.

The question now is whether enough people “fear the bogeyman” enough to fall in line… because once it exists, it’s never getting turned off or down or back… and then you become forever tracked or else look suspicious if you don’t want to be tracked…

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The problem is, enough fear it now, especially the governments, that they will want to use it now, under the promise that it will stop, once the epidemic is over…

But we know how quickly the Patriot Act was rescinded after 11/9… Never!


The Government will not stop, it is just what they wished for. I will not opt in to surveillance. It looks like it would help a lot if used by professional medical people who still believe in their hypocritical oath. Google will have data to make money on and Apple will use data to thicken their walled garden. I’m usually an optimist, but I have to be pessimistic with this one. I have a healthy fear of death like anyone else, I don’t need an App telling me it’s coming.


An Apple watch that could monitor my body temperature, number of coughs per hour, know my heath history, then alert me about coming in contact with both asymptomatic and COVID-19 positives. Heck yes, sign me up!!

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I knew this would turn in to a power grab , say good bye to the few civil liberties we have left. Encryption is the next thing going bye bye. good grief


Be sure to encrypt your smoke signals, if they take electronic encryption away from us. We might have to go back to land lines, doesn’t the GOV need a warrant to tap a land line :rofl:. I’m buying stock in Century Link ASAP.