The Witcher - Season 1 (N'flix)

Just binged & finished The Witcher on Netflix. Have anyone watched this, I loved it, with only 8 episodes for the 1st season, so the story has been pretty intense to cramp a lot in.
I feel the main characters have had time to developed a bit, so that’s good, I hate shows that just focus on the action and have no substance.
Anyway, It has left me wanting more. Looking forward to 2nd season.

I just couldn’t get into it. Fantasy isn’t really my bag. Just binged season 2 of Lost in Space though.

LIS S2 is what I’m watching next… :grin:

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Think I might cancel Netflix for a bit until Star Trek Discovery is back on. Not a lot I want to watch on Netflix. Disney+ and Amazon Prime is plenty.

Have yet to watch but the third game was absolutely incredible. The show is on my ever growing list. Hoping it can live up to the game.