The Wheel of Time TV Show

I didn’t see a thread about this here yet, so I thought I’d start one.

As some might know, Amazon is producing a TV adaptation of Robert Jordan’s Fantasy series The Wheel of Time. I’ve been a huge fan of the books since a friend of mine gifted me an audible copy of The Eye of the World many years ago.

I’m really excited to see that the team working on it is really passionate about this project. They’ve got quite the cast so far.

Rosamund Pike as Moiraine? That’s just about perfect.

Is anyone here looking forward to this, too? Any concerns or wishes to bring up?

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I am also looking forward to this. If the show does well there is enough books to keep it going for many years. I just hope they don’t do short seasons and try to cram a whole book into it and cut out a lot, except book 10, that can be covered in a few minutes.

Along with the Middle Earth and Expanse series on Prime, I am going to be sitting on the couch a lot.

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From what I’m able to tell, they might not strictly stick to the book structure. As it is, they’re shooting Season 1 and writing Season 2. They also just announced casting for Alanna, Ihvon, and Maksim. It’s been a while, but those three didn’t show up until the third or fourth book. Of course they could be pre-announcing, implying they’re in it for the long haul.

It’s interesting how Amazon is accumulating all these genre properties. They’re also doing Snow Crash, The Dark Tower, a Conan series, and others. None of them are as exciting to me as WoT.

Though… If someone wants to do a Commonwealth Saga TV series, that might come close.

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