Wheel of Time from Robert Jordan

Hey @Leo - I saw this posted today - Big Robert Jordan fan

Oooh. Exciting. I’m up to the fourth volume (of 15!) now and really enjoying it.

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I’ve read every book and have them all in Hardcover​:joy: as well as several on Audible to revisit occasionally! This looks like it could be good…although I find myself being nervous about it’s implementation much the same as I fear for the upcoming Foundation - hope they do Jordan and Asimov proud :grin:

From what I have heard, they are not strictly following the book, at least for the first episodes. They are starting with Logain and his declaration of being the Dragon Reborn, which was a few years earlier then the first book starts, as a way to introduce the backstory in a more linear fashion. This major event is a large backdrop of the world that affects how everyone acts, so setting that up front I think will help set expectations for people not familiar with the books.

I think that could work since a TV series is not well adapted for lots of exposition. Reading a book you can devote 20 minutes to read some tangent in the text, but TV cannot afford such pauses in the narration.

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