The Photo Thread: Week of 2022-05-01

My kids McDonald’s Sonic toy caught the sunlight this morning and caught my eye enough for a quick photo. Taken with my X100V and Pro-Mist filter and edited in Lightroom Mobile.


Not a good route if you suffer from pollen allergies :grimacing:

Pixel 3a


I was looking at X100Vs yesterday. As with everything at the mo, finding any in stock is a challenge.

Yes, rape really brings on my hay-fever. They haven’t grown it on the fields out the back of our house for a few years, it was maize for the last couple of years, so I haven’t suffered so badly.

Backed my bus up at work yesterday, got a little closer than I thought I did haha. Not a scratch though.

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Probably still room enough there for a kitten to squeeze through, though. :wink:

I did that with my daughter’s car. Drive to work, parked up and less than 1cm from the walk. Sent her a photo, she wasn’t happy. :joy::joy:

WOAH this is an interesting composition :heart_eyes:

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A pre-season photo shot Preseason 2 | Ant Pruitt | Flickr


The weather has finally turned beautiful in Maine, so I grabbed this one on my iPhone on an e-bike trip down to the park and grocery store. This is a little rock crevice by a fork in the Kennebec river that sometimes fills with water, but was dry and bustling with insect activity today.

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