The Photo Thread - Week of 2020-10-18

Some of the critters I saw on walk in Mount Lofty today.

Black Swan


Koala, just about to climb up the tree

Koala, climbing up the tree!


Late last night.


Sunday afternoon beach vibes. Taken on Pixel 5’s ultrawide


Greetings from autumnal Garmisch-Partenkirchen

(At Riessersee, unedited panorama by S10e)


Early morning coffee from my favorite place on earth, the street cart. Not the best photo, as a quick snap with one hand.


So many pretty wild animals. I’ve heard numerous times about how Australia has so much dangerous wildlife… do you ever feel concerned that you’ll run into something dangerous while out and about? I was just watching this, which kinda debunks some of the thought that warm places have more than their fair share of dangers:

Strolling around the Philadelphia Navy yard, neat old buildings.


I think a lot of the dangers are overblown. The last death from a spider bite was in 2016, and before that there had been no spider bite deaths since 1979. Snakes are always going to be a danger, but deaths are still relatively rare. The biggest danger is having a large kangaroo jump in front of your car causing an accident.

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Love the afternoon sun coming though the office.
Pixel 5 ultrawide, edits in Lightroom Mobile.


Tunnel under the main road. OnePlus 7T Pro nightscape and Luminar.


Pixel 5 pics are looking good :+1:t2: I’m thinking of swapping my OnePlus for one


After another day or so of full use, I’ll post my overall thoughts about the phone.

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It’s a fun stereotype to perpetuate, but the truth is that Australia is pretty safe where wildlife are concerned.

Not counting dingoes, because they only attack small children, and that’s rare. Pretty much the child needs to be left unattended in Dingo country. Australia really only has one predator, the crocodile. Stay away from the water’s edge in the northern parts of Australia and you don’t have to worry about crocs.

I guess you could include sharks, but they are not a big threat really, the odds of even seeing a shark are pretty low. I’ve only seen one in my life, a Tiger shark and I only saw it because I was atop a cliff looking down on the water.

Everything else generally doesn’t attack, it defends. So you’re not likely to get bitten unless you step on a snake or whatever. Only things that have ever bitten me, are mosquitoes and the occasional ant.

Pomster is right, crashing into a Kangaroo on a country road is far more likely, and usually the result is a dead kangaroo and a big repair bill.

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There are places here in Canada where deer are overly plentiful, and are also quite willing to be hit by vehicles. Usually the deer aren’t fatal, but now a moose… that’s a whole other danger. In Quebec and New Brunswick moose are such a danger that they have sections of the highways with special moose (and also any other large animal) fencing to keep them and the drivers from harm.
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While you are right, I’d still be happier if I didn’t have to lookout for Tiger snakes in my yard!

Downtown Greensboro, NC. Pixel 4a.


Colours are out in full force today!! Reminds me of the old children’s tale about Frederic the mouse.


You may admire me now. Pixel 4a


Taken with phone 11 Pro Max. Picture of the girlfiend using portrait mode while out to lunch.


Nice shot. There are no obvious places where the algorithm messed up.

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