The Photo Thread: Week of 2020-04-19

What a morning. :slight_smile: Happy Sunday everyone!

Tree with flower leaves

Poet’s daffodil

Critical worker

Little orchard with painted pebble lining

Painted pebbles 1 - “Stay healthy!”

Painted pebbles 2 - Grin


Taken in Singapore in 2014.

Canon Powershot G12.

I cannot remember what was this sculpture was called but it fascinated me to no end.



Fantastic photos!! :smiley:

Turns out, you have a park at home. :slight_smile: Lovely garden!


I wonder what it must feel like, posture- and muscle-wise to be so flexible to basically be able to shape your body into an @-sign. All I can muster is a ? :smiley: I believe I’d simply collapse on the ground if my body were not held together by rather unflexible joints and fibres.

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The first photo is of a tree in an alley running past a field.

The maple and the other trees are in the garden.


Found a prize on his walk and carried all the way home!


… if he ever needs a profile picture, that’s it!

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Good idea. Maybe I’ll change his Instagram profile pic to this one. :blush:

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Wow. that’s weird I saw that same sculpture in 2014 too. I don’t remember what it is about either. I really wish I had also taken a photo to upload.

What are the chances we saw it on the same day? I was there in late May.

I admit it, I looked to see if I could see myself in the picture.

It is one of a series of Marc Quinn statues of Kate Moss, a series called “myth” with the Siren, Sphinx etc. This one is called “Fortuna”.


My “trick” for something like this is to always take a picture of the plaque/info of something if it is present. It really helps to jog your memory later and you have something to look up.

Here’s an example from almost exactly a year ago that I went and dug up:

Granted the plaque could provide more info… it’s the Hoover Dam. And the difference in soil colour shows how much the water level has fallen… that line was not visible at all when I previously visited the dam in 1998.


Venus from my back door.
iPhone 11Pro


Out for a walk this evening… Samsung S9…


Testing the One UI 2.1 update on my Galaxy S10e. If this update was released before the S20, I might not have gotten an S20. They did a nice job with camera improvements.


I only have version 2.0 on my new S9. But, I knew it might lag behind on updates - but the S9 had features I wanted over the S10 or S20. Of course, mine was an unplanned purchase when I cracked the screen on my S8 about 2 weeks ago.

I believe we caught the same view of Venus at about the same time. :slight_smile: Crazy how bright the planet is, these days.


Just after I took the photo, my wife noticed a line of equally spaced satellites flying over to our south, going to have a look again tonight.


What features does the S9 have that made you choose it over an S20 or S20 (I know, off topic)?

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