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This Week In Tech is a podcast network founded by Leo Laporte in 2005. You can find all of our shows at https://twit.tv. This community is a place where listeners and hosts can continue the conversations begun on our shows.

There are several categories: TWiT Shows, TWiT Hosts. Feedback, Talk Amongst Yourselves, etc. When you create a new topic please try to put it in the appropriate category and sub-category to make it easy for others to find. You can also use tags to help.

Unlike other forums you may have used, the software we’re using (Discourse) is designed to be fairly flat. That means when you reply to any post in a topic your reply gets stuck on at the end - there’s no reply threading. I’d guess that’s to discourage side conversations. According to the devs it’s a feature not a bug.

You can use search to find a particular show (by name or number), topic, or tag. General show discussions will be tagged with show, specific episode posts will be tagged with episode.

All are welcome! We hope you’ll visit often! – Leo


It seems nice enough, though wouldn’t Reddit be better sine everyone is already there and you could link to so may other things on Reddit?

Edit: I get it… you’ll probably want to monetize this.


It’s not that we want to monetize - it’s that we don’t want to ride on someone else’s system.


And @MikeInCA, I’m glad Leo and TWiT have chosen to build this themselves. For one, Reddit is already monetized, with ads and “gold,” and none of those ads benefit the communities built there around subreddits. I’d elaborate on my own experience building a medium-ish size community on Reddit, but I feel like I share too much already.

Also, building a community on Reddit is really selective for people who “get” and appreciate reddit culture. That’s probably not a filter Leo and TWiT wants to put on their audience and community.


Um… wait wut!? I thought Reddit was a porn site :smiley: (Only barely just kidding.)

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But everything you do is “someone else’s system”? Even Discourse.

What do you gain if not monetization? Which is fine btw. Reddit has moderation too.

Uh oh… am I about to be “moderated”?

True, but Discourse is open source and you can self-host: https://blog.discourse.org/2014/04/install-discourse-in-under-30-minutes/


Exactly right. Right now I’m paying Discourse for their hosting but we could easily move it onto our own servers. They even provide a simple way to migrate.


Yea, I get it, I know forums have been around for a little bit :wink: but with this I think they may have a come back, especially with the non-sense on facebook/twitter/reddit etc. This could be the “new social network” lol not just for techs but anyone who just has questions/needs help, or curious :slight_smile: :v:


I appreciate Reddit and Twitter for what they are but nothing beats a good forum. Leo, You’ve helped me spend a lot of my money. :smiley:
I look forward to using this forum quite a bit.


If it’s any consolation - this forum will remain ad free!


Good to hear @Leo, thanks.


Is there an App for TWiT Community Forums, or will there be one?

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Yes. Download Discourse Hub on iOS or android. It’s pretty much the same as using a web browser though. It’s mainly made for folks who visit multiple Discourse boards.


When I enter twit.community into Discourse Hub app, it is not found. But hey, the web site works fine on mobile.

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Try throwing a www on the front to yield www.twit.community and see if that makes any difference.

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Thanks, that did the trick.

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I’ll fix the email! Sorry about that.

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Hello, just joined…love twit


I don’t like reddit and glad it’s not used. No need to keep pushing the monetisation line.