THE best tech ever invented - Japanese toilets

I lived in Japan for 18 years and when I returned to the US, I was sadden that these toilets were not more popular. They are WAY more hygienic than using toilet paper. I think people just need to get over the difference.

A recent NHK program on the invention of the Japanese toilet…

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Bidets are popular in a lot of Europe but you don’t really get them much here in the UK. I can’t see the attraction myself but each to their own…


Installed one in my house a few years ago, I’ll never go back. We’re so far behind the curve in the US in regards to restrooms. Stall walls should go all the way to the floor!


This is a cleaning issue. I prefer better cleaning than better privacy.

:thinking:…In Japan the walls go all the way to the floor. Same in Singapore. Never really saw much unclean stalls while I was there.


I suppose in the rare case where the toilet overflows sure… but even if there are no walls that’ll be a sh%# show. Literally. I really don’t think it’ll make much of a difference in terms of cleanliness. I’m pretty sure it’s not common here because it costs more to build.

Maybe some cleaners are lazy… but it’s easier to do a quick clean with a mop if you don’t have extra 90 degree “corners” between walls and floors. So it saves money as time on cleaning staff.