TTG 1635 for Sunday 13 Oct 2019

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Great show! Enjoyed watching it live

Leo mentioned that nationalism is a bad thing. Why is it considered bad when some bad groups use it to promote various forms of separation? Should all groupings or tribes be done away with because parts are disgusting?

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Have been using Samsung 42in as a monitor for sometime now and its been great. Also has a browser built in as well. I Do have it set as Leo suggested

Nationalism is an issue when all the biggest problems we face today require global solutions: climate change, overpopulation, regional scarcities including food and water, income inequality, nuclear proliferation, etc.

“America First” really puts America last.


I don’t know why it is required to become one global entity and give up communities to try to resolve those issues. I suspect you consider me a Trump supporter based on your later comment about making America great again…not so. I just think that various communities can accomplish such goals without giving up on community or heritage.

To my mind there’s nothing wrong with maintaining an identity and culture, so long as it isn’t at the expense of realising we all live together on this wee fragile blue marble spinning through space, and few modern issues that we face conveniently stop at the invented line of a national border.

Love it or hate it - the modern world is deeply interconnected and interdependent.

Anyway, I’ve never personally found culture and global responsibility to be mutually exclusive states of being. The idea that would be so has always struck me as a convenient excuse to be inconsiderate.

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Best Buy also has electronics recycling. They have a place to drop batteries and cables near the front door and you can take monitors and PCs to the support desk. I think they charge for taking monitors though.