Synology and hover

Hey Leo I’m new to nas and Synology and have it set up and activated the https option but it seems to use the Synology dns which is this trustworthy to use the certificate from Synology or is it better to make a domain from hover and then set that up with Synology and use that domain as the dns if that’s how it works? Thanks leo

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Hay @kickrocksbud2020, I also have a Synology and use the https remote access.
I use the default cert from Synology since it is just my person server, but I know companies that use them for business, so I expect they have installed their own cert on the system for compliance reasons. If not, they will dinged come audit time.


I hear you on that, I just wanted to know everybody else’s opinion as I only use mine for my 4K Blu-ray Rips from Blu-ray’s I’ve purchased in store and I connect my Apple TV 4K with the infuse pro app and watch my films and then after using I shut my nas back off after using so never used for

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Your smartest option would be to NOT enable public access to any NAS or other private network device. Install a VPN on it so that you can gain access via the VPN client when you are not at home.