SQRL Oauth2 for Matrix\Element or NAS

Has anyone in this community actually been able to set up Steve G’s SQRL with Matrix or their own home NAS?
Or as the auth service on a synology NAS system to be the SSO server?

The hard fact is that no one is using SQRL. I moderate the SQRL forums, and we get maybe one post a month. You should ask your question there, but the results are likely the same, no response, no interest. SQRL is an intellectual curiosity at this point. The forums can be found at https://sqrl.grc.com/

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I noticed there wasn’t any mention of it and wanted to ask the twit listeners to see what they might have done with it experimentally.
I am working on a home server and wondered if it might be easy to do since i only have weekends to work on it and wanted to find a good set of instructions to get it working.
Looks like i’ll be experimenting on this for a few weeks.