Leo's use of Syncthing on Synology

@Leo mentioned on SecurityNow that he has Syncthing installed on his Synology NAS and sync between his NAS and various devices.

I’m curious what solution you’re using for iOS devices? I don’t need all my files to sync to my IOS devices, but I need to see them and be able to download files “on demand” to import into certain apps.

I also use Syncthing to backup files from my desktops to my NAS. It’s a one-way sync. For iOS there’s a Syncthing app but I haven’t investigated cause I don’t need a full server sync to my phone. Instead I just use the Synology Drive iOS app to manually pull files off my NAS via the LAN. No WAN access. I refuse to put my NAS on the net.

The iOS app is not very good. It does the best it can within the limitations of iOS.

Yeah but like I said I don’t need to mass sync to my phone. I’m just pull down like ONE file at a time… like my KeePass DB once a month, or an XLS balance sheet, or some random PDF. I’m not pulling down TB’s of *.jpgs to my phone. I basically just use their app as a file manger. Everything else is saved w/ E2EE in iCloud using Apple’s Advanced Data Protection with FIDO2/U2F hardware keys for 2FA