Accessing a PlayStation remotely

Got myself a cheap last-gen PS4. Would be great to access it remotely using PS Remote Play when we’re not at the house.

At the moment it only works on my local mesh network, it won’t connect from elsewhere external. Any tips on what I need to change on my router?

UPNP is enabled. Assume I have to add some port forwarding entries too?

Might be further complicated by my setup here. I have an ISP hub that is only used to connect to ADSL, then my Deco mesh sat behind it.

UPnP only works if your PS4 is on the same subnet as the router and should handle all of the port forwarding.

Does the ISP hub have an IP address and you’re doing double NAT with that and the Deco?

Yes, it does have an IP address, so is double NAT. If I tracert something external I see two internal hops first.

There’s no bridge mode in this ISP hub. I’ve disabled WiFi, DHCP and its own security features as I thought I should let the Decos handle that. But doesn’t look like I can do anything about NAT.

If there is a way that you could temporarily connected the playstation to the ISP hub for testing then it might just burst into life.

If you are double NATing then you would need to see if there is a manual way to port forward on the hub and the Deco to the playstation as I don’t think UPnP will work here.

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Would be pretty easy to turn the ISP hub WiFi back on, and connect the PS to that, see what happens.

Looking at my ISP forums (it’s Vodafone), most people seem to ditch the provided hub and replace it with something more advanced. There’s a list of Openreach-approved modems it says.

The other option is put the Decos into Access Point mode and let the ISP hub manage everything, but I lose most of the Deco functionality if I do that.

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I used to double NAT intentionally because I had my router set with the DMZ pointed at a VPN router, and my friend did the similar setup on his end. He was able to use the VPN (through my router, into the DMZ, into the VPN router) to access his offsite NAS (at my house) to do offsite backups.

So if your ISP router has a DMZ mode, you can put the PS4 on the ISP router, assign it a specific IP address in the DHCP server, and then set the DMZ to send all traffic to that IP address. (Granted in the setup, above, that I described, everything was wired.)

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Very limited functionality on this ISP hub unfortunately, this is the only DMZ setting it has. Looks like it exposes a single address to the outside world. Would this achieve what you just described @PHolder ?

Well, so long as you can consistently assign that one IP to the PS4, then it should, yes.

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Note, you could hard assign the IP into the PS4 just by typing it, I assume. (Never done that with WiFi, but in theory that should be possible.)

Success :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks all.

The PS4 is now sat on the ISP router’s WiFi with a static IP, accessible from outside. I’ve just connected to a friend’s WiFi and can play games from home.