Switch to eSIM - pros and cons

My cell carrier (Mint Mobile) now supports eSIM. I am thinking of making the switch and have been doing some research as to what its benefits are.
Here is what I gathered so far:

  1. I would have a free physical sim card slot in the event that I travel (what’s that?) and want to go dual sim
  2. If someone steals my phone it might be easier for me to track it down since the thief would not be able to easily remove my sim card
  3. No need to worry about a faulty (physical) sim card

The cons seem to be that it would be potentially slightly more time-consuming to switch to another phone which I am fine with since I don’t do that more than once every two years or so and a lack of 5G dual sim support.

Am I missing something? Anything else I should be worried about?

Just made the switch as it was super straightforward.

I would like to use an E-sim but it is not available yet for all plans. Only contracts get the e-sim option in the uk.

Will see what happens in the future.

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