VPN + Battery + Mifi

This looks interesting to me. Having a mifi that also acts as a spare battery, Mifi, and VPN seems handy for hotels, airports, etc. https://nommi.net/

What do you folks think? Any others like this to consider?

This is exactly what I’d want if it had a cellular modem and if my laptop didn’t have these features. Disappointed again, they offer a prepaid plan and no indication if I can use my own SIM card.

Great find. I was looking for a new mobile hotspot and this looks like a good option. Their travel data plans seem reasonably priced. I was also wondering if you can use your own SIM card (I have an existing unlimited LTE plan at home), apparently you can.

@ManilaMacUser good find on the SIM card.

My backpack is heavy so I was thinking about this as a replacement to the spare battery I carry around and then have the VPN as a bonus feature for hotels, airports, etc.

I am on the fence :slight_smile:

Anyone else have a point of view?

ok…day 1 and so far so good with my Noomi. I did have an issue with account setup but customer service got me un-blocked. I purchased a Mint SIM card as well to test out. I will post in a few days on how it goes :slight_smile:

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