iOS Exchange Folders

Hi all,

Looking to see if anyone has recommendations for a iOS Exchange mail client that handles multiple folders and sub-folders in close to the same way Samsung’s mail client did/does. Explained:

I have a lot of rules and folders to organize the various automated notifications coming into my work email. It may sound like inbox overload and to some extent I won’t disagree but it’s just the way it is. In Samsung mail you could turn on folders that you wanted notifications from selectively, this worked out great for me. I’d get normal push notifications from every folder enabled, and then could open the mail client and see things broken down where they’re supposed to be.

Apple mail does not seem to do this, I can turn on the sound for folders, but it doesn’t handle their notifications in the same way as the inbox. I tested with the Outlook app with no joy. My current work around is I have everything come to my inbox, then I manually run the rules I had in place to sort it out, so I don’t miss the more important alerts.

Again, I imagine most people don’t want this level of noise coming to their inbox but being a technician it’s something my phone is regularly buzzing with and something I need to keep somewhat of an eye on. Anyone have any suggestions.