Contact Management

Hello Twit family. Just curios if you all have any suggestions for contact management apps on the Iphone. I’ve tried Contacts+ but didn’t do well with multiple accounts to actually merge them and sync them correctly. Circleback seemed like the best option but GSuite borked it recently. I’ve tried cardhop but doesn’t really seem to have much in terms of actual management. (Maybe hidden under the covers). So just curious what you all use or have tried.

To simply, whats the best way to merge my iPhone contacts with my Gsuite account and not have multiple copies of everyone after syncing.

my works iPhone uses a Blackberry app to handle email and contacts etc which syncs really well with Outlook, not sure if it would work with Gsuite tbh though.

If you import everything into Google, you should be able to use the deduping features on to clean things up.

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I’ll have to try that. Thank @Joe

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