STT 44: Amazon Halo? Heck No

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A tip to connect these 2.4 ghz network devices on mesh networks that only broadcasts a single SSID.

The issue is not that you cannot use your single SSID mesh network with your 2.4ghz only device. It’s that these devices need to initially connect through the app setup while the iPhone is only on the 2.4 ghz. After the setup , the device will connect to your dual network. Ezviz security cameras and many other devices also exhibit these issues.

Instead of setting up an entirely separate 2.4 GHz network my advice is to use your Mac laptop to create a Wi-Fi hotspot through an ethernet cable connecting your Mac. The Mac can either create a 2.4 or 5 GHz network one just has to make sure you choose the 2-11 GHz Network options and not ones higher than that.

So get a long ethernet cable plug in your Mac in an area of the house that is not close to your main network broadcast. Name your Mac SSID network the exact same name and use the same password as your existing one. Then connect your device with your iPhone connecting to your the now same SSID as your existing network but it will be using your Mac’s Wi-Fi signal because it is the strongest one that it is closest to. Go through the app setup process. Turn off your Mac Wi-Fi Sharing now.

Now your device will successfully connect to your Single SSID dual network at 2.4 GHz.

Husband to the nice lady who wrote the “I Love My Mac” song.

I still prefer to have a separate 2.4 network that I can identify I have 2 vacuums, a few light bulbs, web cams that are all 2.4 only having a different SSID makes things a lot easier for me. It is also handy when i am working outside as my phone will try to use the 5GHz then drop if i move too far away the better range of 2.4 makes it easier for me. I just have one router use channel one and they other 14.

Amazon Halo = Demolition Man