TTG 1768 for Saturday 6 February 2021

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So I keep hearing how these IOT devices get confused about 5ghz -vs- 2ghz so you have to turn off the 5ghz when linking them… But really, most of the older devices only have receivers for 2ghz so they couldn’t really even care about the 5ghz signal at all - they can’t see it!

What I think is going on is something like the following:
You connect the phone and the device together with point-to-point wifi.
The phone says - Hi, I get my wifi at this SSID on channel 112. Then the device says - channel 112? I don’t know from 112, I only know 1 thru 13!

so if the phone was only on 2ghz it would tell the device to go to a channel from 1-13, which means either you have a separate SSID for 2ghz and have the phone on it prior to connecting to the device, or turn off the 5ghz so the PHONE gets on 2ghz.

it seems this is an information overload situation - the phone could tell the device the SSID and password, and the device could find the correct channel. (simple is best?) Since the router could change channels at any time the device already needs the code to scan the channels to find the router, so it is not like they are saving 5 bytes of ROM or something…

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so about the compression level of OTA TV - by the time the station separates the bandwidth into a main (HD) stream + 4 SD streams, it is not clear that the main stream is less compressed than what the cable company gives you. things have definitely changed since the conversion started, evidently the stations are going for the number of channels rather than quality.

While I’m on the topic, all the channels I examined in my area were streaming their schedule data in cleartext so your OTA box can show you the guide without an internet connection. (It’s been a while since I looked but the bandwidth is so low I can’t imagine them stopping the practices.) Any OTA DBR box that comes with a subscription plan for this data is basically funding their business for something that the box should be able to do on its own. But every business likes subscriptions, right?

That’s exactly the point. I think there are poorly designed WiFi Access Points that want to hand off the device from the 2.4GHz network to the 5GHz network, and of course that’s never going to work. It’s probably the case that the WiFi implementation in the cheaply built IoT device inadvertently “lies” about its capabilities and makes the AP believe it could be redirected when it should not.

unfortunately many of our ‘smart things’ aren’t so smart