ATG 1965: Wet and Funky

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Suggested mesh - I just bought the TP-Link XE75 and very happy with it. 6e. My download speed with the mesh (I’n 2 stories up) is almost exactly what my router gives when I’m next to it or plugged in. And, there are 3 ethernet ports which I need for connecting my TV antenna to the network via HomeRun.

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I’ve had very good results with my older WiFi 5 TP-Link Decos for ages. We should be getting full fibre here later this year, and interested to read you can mix and match different Deco units, so I can upgrade slowly to WiFi 6 if I wanted.

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We use the Asus mesh router kit, 3 units with an ethernet backlink. They provide separate SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz as well as having g a guest network. ZenWiFi WiFi Systems |Whole Home Mesh WiFi System|ASUS United Kingdom

Here’s the recycling program I referenced on my call