STT 2: Mesh WiFi and Voice-First Computing

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I’m so glad the notion of local devices isn’t being entirely lost amidst every brand’s rush to establish its offerings as a platform in its own right, independently coordinated over the Internet! So much IoT is a security garbage-fire begging to become part of a DDoS botnet or worse, so “Smart Home” that’s not “IoT” is vastly preferable IMO, and it galls me to watch that vision languish as vendors rush headlong toward what they imagine to be their own best interests instead of users’, to say nothing of the cumulative impact on connectivity infrastructure if(/when) easily exploited flaws wreak havoc. Open/open-source standards and protocols brokered by certified hubs that are Internet-connected I think still could win out…! :crossed_fingers:


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Enjoying this new show, hoping it gets over 30,000 subscribers so then we can get a video version. This show is pushing me towards diving into shortcuts and to start looking into smart home solutions. To answer the question in this episode, I use Siri to send messages quite often especially when driving. I almost never use the dictation feature because if I can look at my iPhone I just type out the message.

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One big takeaway for me from the episode was that Alexa has an Apple Music skill. I never even checked. I added it to my Echo immediately!

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Great show! I enjoy hearing about different case usages of the various assistants and devices - y’all’s conversations about your setups, integrations, issues, etc is helpful in making decisions in regards to which road to follow.

Mikah, now that you’re are all-in on Android (:joy:) I look forward to hearing about the switch and your take on each ecosphere.


The talk about mesh network chat reminded of an app I tried years ago that turned your phone into part of a mesh network, but it needed other phones also running the app to work. Looking in the Google store I see lots of mesh networking apps now, but they would be using the built in WiFi and Bluetooth radios.

I only heard about Apple Airdrop recently in a news story about people that enabled receiving files from anyone, and men on the subway sending d!*k pics to them. With every tech advance comes d!*k pics.

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This stuff is so good, Micah and Mathew thank you for diving deep into what I want to know about. I would love to do this but time does not allow so you making that happen makes life so Good!! Please keep it going!!!

Thanks guys. Loving this show and going back to listen to the archived ones. Agree with the comments that, of all the various TWIT shows I subscribe to, this one needs video more than most.

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