STT 3: What Google Gave Us

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Please someone explain to Mikah and Matthew on how WiFi works and what the standards mean. It’s painful for me, as a network engineer, to listen to them trying to figure this stuff out on the fly. Eero has always had gigabit ethernet ports but that has nothing to do with the WiFi (helps with backhaul though). The WiFi speeds you read on consumer boxes are the bands of all the radios added together for marketing purposes. Not the speed you will obtain when using. All WiFi speed is also limited by interference. This even includes water content in the air (humidity)! Here is a real world example: Typical access point with a 5GHz radio and 80MHz channel width and say a iPhone 11 pro is good for about 400Mbs + or -.


@mikahsargent While I also like a gas stove best, the problem is that it’s burning fossil fuel.

Regardless what the climate change denialist organizations are pushing, all of the other proposed measures, like eliminating meat, are a tiny drop in the bucket compared to ending fossil fuel usage (FYI the climate impact difference between a meat or plant diet is almost entirely the fossil fuel usage difference). If the human race had never used any fossil fuels there would be no measurable, let alone noticeable, climate change problem. So ending all fossil fuel use is the proper goal. Gas stoves are not a huge portion of the problem of burning sequestered carbon but it is still releasing carbon sequestered millions of year ago.


During Mikah’s pick he mentioned another brand of LED strip … what was the brand? A link would be great.

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