"Strange movie! I like it..."-recommendation: Vivarium

We watched Vivarium last night. And I have to say it’s at least rather polarising and sticks around in your mind. Did anyone else see the movie and is in the mood to discuss? It’s on Netflix.

For anyone considering it: it’s a strange blend between social criticism (but no admonishing), horror (but no gore or jump scares), sci-fi (but not in your face), and mystery (but not in a dark-woods-kind-of-way) … I found it interestingly weird. Wonder what you guys think. Granted, there are several ways of interpreting the movie.


I’ll check it out after finishing the end of the Expanse. :+1:

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I’ve seen the trailer a few times, but didn’t really seem like my sort of film.

The concept is interesting though, although the reviews I read said the characters were a little 2 dimensional and stereotypical.

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I just watched Runaway Bride, I think I can take some 2d characters :rofl:

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Yeah, the movie has pretty mixed reviews. We went in thoroughly blind, having neither watched the trailer nor read reviews. Might not have considered it, if we had. I find trailers to often stir up unrealistic expectations for me, so I leave them be. Then again, I have the least of problems simply turning a movie off the instance it feels less than worth the time.

I cannot say that the characters appeared too flat to me, though. I mean - now that you mention it, it’s certainly not built around the intricacies of these specific people, but rather a representation of “everyman” and “everywoman” in a thoroughly strange situation. In so far, them having stereotypical qualities aides the premise of the movie. Acting seemed rather good though.

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Ha! I know you meant this as a joke, but somehow considering the design of movie fascinates me. So I just watched the trailer of that film to jog my memory. Well, to be frank, I do believe the central roles of Runaway Bride are actually more finely developed than those in Vivarium. I think the way the characters are designed serve the point of each movie. For the latter, there seems to be something like a hidden character which draws most attention even though it remains unseen.

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How were you able to resist watching the movie after witnessed the trailer?

You mean regarding Runaway Bride? Well, especially in that case, the trailer seems to give away most of what the movie appears to be about. I always wonder why movie makers give so much away in their trailers…

I remember how cool it was to whtch trailers on my computer using quick time… Simpler times…

Indeed! That’s what made apple.com(/trailers) a regular visit over years for me, way before youtube emerged. What a great choice by them to use this content in order to expand their positioning towards the media and entertainment direction. Way back, in a time when the Web was not yet a constant stimulus satiation. Memories… :slight_smile:

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