Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Anybody else see it last night? Thoughts? Spoilers below…

I’m not sure if I just wasn’t paying attention, but Rey being Palpatine’s granddaughter totally caught me by surprise. Loved it! Sort of an homage to “Luke I am your father.” Not quite as dramatic though. Palpatine’s reveal was spooky too with the lightning flashes revealing his twisted face.

I thought the first third of the movie felt really rushed. I wonder if any of those story points were supposed to be laid out in episode 8? Some of the signature JJ Abrams ironic irreverence really bothered me too. One of the first scenes where Kylo Ren is having a conference with some of the generals, I think Hux made fun of his mask or something. You don’t embarrass a sith and get away with it. Kinda took me out of the scene.

The set pieces were amazing. The saber battle in the carcass of the Death Star! That fight felt pretty unique, I think it’s because there was no music for a good portion of it, just the waves crashing. Also liked that they showed Kylo Ben’s classic Tie parked next to Luke’s X-Wing in the final battle. Assume he found that somewhere in the Death Star carcass.

Felt inspiration from Avatar: The Last Airbender when Rey finally made contact with all the previous Jedi Knights. Also felt some inspiration from Avengers when Lando brought all those civilian ships to the battle just in the nick of time. Not complaining about either though.

Overall I loved the movie. Satisfying end, and plenty of nostalgia packed in.

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I read the spoiler before seeing the movie…OMG…still going to see the movie and enjoy it but but damn I shouldn’t have read it. :slight_smile:

knewman…thanks for feeding my curiosity and warning me ahead of time but I had to look :grin: Darn if you didn’t do everything to warn me

How did you manage to do that with the spoiler? Making it blurry like that.

I thought the last two were not that great. In the 90s/early 2000’s - I thought the prequels weren’t the best either. But, they are fantastic compared to the last 2, IMHO.

Yes, I will see it. So, I skipped the spoilers. I found out what happened in the last Avengers before I watched the movie. So, this time, I will wait until I see it. But, I hope it is better than the other 2 newer ones.


Spoilers tag in the options menu:


I think it’s the best of the three newest movies. But I also liked Phantom Menace so :man_shrugging:


Ok, thanks. I see now. Never seen that option on a forum like that before. Cool!

I hated it. It was full of plot holes that weren’t explained and overall felt very disjointed to me. What was the trilogy actually about? I still don’t know. The original trilogy was about the redemption of Anakin and the fall of the Empire. The prequels were about the fall of the Jedi, rise of the Empire, and the fall of Anakin and rise of Vader. These new movies were about… ???

I will say that it was shot beautifully.


I haven’t seen it but watching the trailer I realised why I can’t stand these movies; it’s SO over acted. The expressions on their faces are always some ridiculous extreme. And based on the spoiler above it’s just the same story as the original three.

Ugh… So much for one of the best movie franchises of all time.


I have to admit, I haven’t seen any of the last trilogy. The first one sounded like a remake of A New Hope, according to critics. Somehow I just lost interest after the second trilogy wasn’t a patch on the original.

I did watch the Han Solo story last year, but it felt rushed and full of holes.

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I saw it yesterday. (Tough job, had to attend a customer event where we were screening the movie.). I liked it. I liked how they ended one character’s story, though I’m not sure I liked the way they did it.

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I liked it too. Rey being a Palpatine was I nice twist. The movie definitely has structuring issues but still is a good movie. It feels like it’s two movies (JJ’s story for 8 and 9) in one.

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I enjoyed the blatant parallels to New Hope in VII. Probably because I wasn’t around in '77 when it was fresh.

Solo was by far my least favorite of nearly everything in the Star Wars universe. Including the Christmas special :expressionless: It felt more like a topical statement than a Star Wars movie.

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I liked Solo more than Rogue One and the last two SW films of the current trilogy.

The originals were still the best. I watched them all in the theater.


oh no! the first time I have to disagree with you Mistershipwreck :open_mouth: I thought Rogue One was the best of the new movies including the new trilogy (though I have yet to see the last one)


It wasn’t a bad movie. It just didn’t “seem” like a Star Wars movie to me…

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Beautifully shot and audio mix was awesome


Rogue One is possibly my favorite of all the movies. I’ll need to re watch the entire series once Rise of Skywalker is available, but I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed Rogue One.


By the way, there is a project originally called 4k77. It’s the actual original Star Wars movies, captured off the original film in 4K… just found out about it myself, there’sa whole community dedicated to this thing.

4k77, 4k80 and 4k83 is the og trilogy.

Merry Xmas!


Absolutely agree! All 3 of the new movies left me wanting but Rise left me disappointed. They just went from one scene to another with little thought or reason, so much left unexplained or poorly explained.

Still have the Mandalorian at least.

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