Sonoma County Covid-19 Shelter in Place

Now that Sonoma county is requiring a shelter in place until April 7th, how is that going to affect/impact Twit TV?


We have plans in place to allow us to produce shows. Thanks for supporting us :fist_right:t5:


@ant_pruitt I love that @Leo is taking care of his team and practicing best practices. I was watching IOS Today with he and Mikah earlier and I thought it was very honorable of him to be the staff person actually reporting from the office and allowing the rest of his staff to work from home. BTW I did get a glance of your home office and I love the color’s. Kinda wish we could get a home office tour of yours. :wink:


So @leo and some employees are at the studio? What is the definition of “shelter in place?”


Keep healthy and safe, team TWiT!


I wasn’t sure how shelter in place worked myself, but evidently going to work (In some cases) is allowed.

The press release says this “Essential work may continue to maintain the basic systems of modern life…”. I think Twit TV fits that description! :relaxed:

As long as it’s safe to do so of course. The health and safety of Leo and everyone at Twit is much more important then our daily fix of tech news and entertainment. Stay well. :mask:


Yeah, I think @Leo was saying that TWiT counts as media, which counts as essential.


Yeah as @MacPhyle mentioned, TWiT is “essential” since we’re media. But, we are practicing to keep everyone safe while still producing content. Pretty awesome how good the squad is in all circumstances.


My office is a MESS😄. I’ll show a lil soon.


It’s a bit eerie right now at TWiT.

The idea of “shelter in place” is to contain the virus spread by separating people as much as possible. As media, we’re considered an essential operation, but to protect myself and everyone else, I’m strongly encouraging everyone to work from home or take time off, but some staff feels they have to come in to do their job. We’re letting them as long as they sanitize and maintain social distance.

All the hosts, except me, are working from home.

I can work safely in my office studio because I’m the only person allowed in there - I keep it locked at all times. I wear a mask coming and going from the studio to minimize contact with the skeleton staff in the office.

One TD at a time works the Tricaster - there’s no way to do that remotely unfortunately. When there’s a shift change the engineer leaving sanitizes the work area and the new engineer sanitizes before beginning. The handoff is conducted at distance.

One studio engineer at a time is in the building. They’re necessary to keep everything running.

A few other office staff come in for one reason or another but most everyone, including editors, is working at home. There are at most five people in the office at any given time. We’re requiring anyone in the office to maintain social distance. No one is working in the same space as anyone else. All meetings are conducted over Zoom or Hangouts.

I think we’re doing a good job of maintaining social distancing while getting the job done. There were a few hiccups at first: three engineers were scheduled at once yesterday. I sent two home. Our two ad sales guys, Max and Dano, were both working together in the same office today. We separated them. A few staffers can’t seem to bring themselves to stay home. I scold them.

It’s harder than you think to do this - many of us feel isolated. Others still minimize the risk. And it’s just beginning. But I seriously don’t want anyone to get sick on my watch, so I’m being a big meanie about it.

The longer term impact is hard to predict. We can already feel the economy shutting down. A number of advertisers are pulling out. Lisa is very concerned about finances. Like every small business in the country we’re doing everything we can to stay afloat, but it’s challenging, and I expect it to get a lot worse before it gets better.

Stay safe, friends. We’re all in this together. :heart:


You’ll notice the mess didn’t stop me :rofl: Don’t be shy now LOL


It’s a dream job for sure when you’d rather be at work than at home!:smiling_face:

I really hope the getting better happens soon. If only everyone would be as diligent as TWiT staffers with distancing, maybe this virus could get eliminated within the U.S. in just 2 or 3 weeks…? If I’m understanding all this.

A friend of mine is still going about her routine, tomorrow taking her weekly trip to the next town over to clean her ex’s house because he pays her for that. I know she needs the money, but she has family who’d help her out for the couple of Thursday paydays she’d miss, so I told her I wish she wouldn’t go. It’s not just about her limiting who she’s in contact with… Also about how many people her ex has been in contact with. I worry. :worried:


I had to ask what the meaning was in the chat room.
The flaw is bad grammar as the sentence is actually saying that a covid shelter is in place.
We are already familiar with “self-quarantine” which is very clear in meaning.
Like it says at the beginning of Hawkwind - Sonic Attack “Stay in your homes”


Well heck, if I’d known there was Going to an English test, I would have invested in Grammerly! :rofl:

Unfortunately, I can’t edit the title, fortunately most everyone understands what I mean.

D@mmit I’m an artist, not a grammarian! (Best McCoy impression) :vulcan_salute:


I think the classic example to demonstrate is the question,
Is it a man eating lion, or a man eating lion ?


Same everywhere @MacPhyle. We have a good friend and neighbour who decided last week to travel to northern France/Italy for a holiday. He seemed completely unaware of what was going on, and was evacuated back to the UK on Monday when they shut the ski resorts just before they locked-down the country (France).

He announced to everyone when he arrived home that he is just as likely to catch it here, is not in the risk group, so wouldn’t be following the advice to isolate for a period and has been going about his business as usual.

My family are under strict distancing rules anyway due to us being high-risk. But people just don’t seem to get it. It’s the vulnerable people you infect we’re concerned about, not just you.


Isn’t that also a result of the UK government following a herd immunity strategy? Most other nations appear to go more cautious routes.

Maybe more correct to say it was the media’s interpretation (spin?) of Sir Patrick Vallance’s comments on herd immunity in one of the early PM briefings.

I’ve watched all the briefings, and I’ve never thought herd immunity was a primary objective. More a useful by-product if we were able to throttle the infection rate whilst protecting the vulnerable.

Yet all the headlines the next day was about Boris’ intention to infect the nation.

Here you go:


Thank you sir. Enjoyed the tour. :slight_smile:

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