Speed of iPhone SE 2020 on wireless-ax discussion

Leo was talking about the maximum speed of an iPhone on wi-fi on the weekend Tech Guy show. Have an iPhone SE 2020 here with an Asus RT-AX88U router. Just did a couple of casual internet speed tests with the iPhone, got 600Mbps download, 330Mbps upload. Given that the iPhone is two-stream, probably pretty much on track. I’m sure that others can get more speed with a more flagshippy model, but not a lot more :-).

Just for the record :-).


Nice router. Is that with AX mode running?

True your phone won’t perform much faster than AC since it is limited to 2x2 MIMO. AX can support 4x4 and beyond. It would definitely kill my 4 year old MacBook though.

In any case this is good to know, I was planning to buy the new SE when I get a chance.