Sonic internet deceptive pactices

I just wanted to let others know and complain about Sonic Internet. I have 1Gb Sonic Fiber. It is down at the moment. I don’t think this is related to sonic in particular.
So, I called to ask about my bill. Now I realize they may be correct but I think the following is deceptive practices. This is what I remember from the conversation. I called Sonic’s billing department. The introductory rate for the first year is supposed to be $40us. That is what all their trucks say. I am charged franchised fees, etc. for around $10 that took the bill up to around $50. Alright I get that. I was told by the installer that if I wanted the introductory rate that I should keep the router even though I am using my own router. I thought the bill should then be $50/mo for the first year. But what they are doing is charging me for the router at $10/mo. Even though I am not using it. So their introductory Rate seems a little shady to me. Then they said that the cost I am paying for the Router to rent is tied into a service contract. Now, if I send the router back then if Sonic needs to come to my house I will have to pay a service fee. So if I keep said router and keep paying $9.50/mo the lady in the billing department kept correcting me. Not $10/mo but $9.50. I will stay on the above service contract. At the very least I think the wording and everything is quite deceptive. And we think Comcast is bad. Also, she is charging me $11 to send me a return label.
In Conclusion: They should have explained this to their customer at the beginning. And just call it what it is a service Contract fee. And or tell the customer that the router is essentially a service contract fee/plus rental fee. Anyway, this seems confusing to me. And know that you will be paying $60 per month for the first year. No $50. And $70 starting at year 2.
Now if that was not enough, one other thing. The first year if I decide to return my router I don’t get a $10 credit on my account as you would think for the rental fee. Oh NO, they add $10, or another way of saying it you don’t get the introductory rate or $40 it will be $50 starting at year 1. See the confusion here. Maybe it makes since to keep the service contract but couldn’t they have said that in the beginning.

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Wow…just, wow!!!

I have Suddenlink where I live at, and it’s the same sorta crazy nonsense with added fees and outlandish stories as well. I think they all do it.

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I have fiber through AT&T and I have to say I really like the service and billing. I have their 1000 mb for $90 a month now what I get billed is $90 a month. If there are fees they add it in to the price before hand. I’m glad to pay less than $100 a month for the speeds. I used to get 1/4 the speed from Cox Cable for $120 a month just for the internet. So again quite happy with AT&T and with there billing of if they say $90 that’s all it is no more no less.


That’s rough. I really can’t stand being charged random fees for equipment or franchising. Just give me an out-the-door price like everything else I purchase.

For all their faults, Verizon’s FiOS service handles this very well in my experience. I’m paying out the nose, sure, but at least I only have one number on my bill.

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Have you ever had to call for customer support or an outage? I think AT&T has been working on their fiber in the area, but … it’s AT&T. The name alone is enough to keep me away, despite math.

I’ve never had to call in for an outage or anything of that sort. Other than the speeds being a little off from what they advertise (pretty normal with most ISP’s) I have never really had any issues with it.

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