Comcast customer service......really?

Recently had a Comcast tech out to my house to install and run additional coax and dvr for a new TV in my den. Middle of the night after the install, my ADT alarm was triggered for a window opening in my basement adjacent to the room of the install earlier that day.

Window was certainly ajar unexpectedly at midnight. No plausible explanation for the window opening. Police advised me to contact Comcast in the a.m. to determine if the tech may have needed to open the window for any reason earlier that day.

I called Comcast, but was told there was no way to determine who the tech was and no way to reach him. Even after much insistence, I was still told no, even after patiently explaining I was advised by the police to requests this info.

This is terrible customer service!!!

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That’s an interesting alarm if it would let you arm while it wasn’t secure. My alarm system won’t arm at all unless I secure the system (close all open windows and doors) or else bypass one I want to ignore.

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Thanks. I would not have been able to set the alarm around 11p if the window was not secure. Likely it was a burglary attempt, but nonetheless immensely frustrating that Comcast would not comply with the request for info. I’ve had never had much success when contacting Comcast for help.

That is pretty bad service. They should know who was at your home.

I assume they use contractors, and may not have the means to inquire with the contracting firm to get the info. Never the less, there should be signed paperwork left with the customer, and written on it should be some indication of who the contractor or employee was. If there was no paper trail, then that speaks to a lack of professionalism, IMHO.


Wow, pretty much awful service🙄

I should clarify one point. I have both residential and business Comcast accounts in my home. This event involved residential service only. The customer service with my business account has always been more than exceptional. When it comes to Comcast, residential and business are as different as night and day.


That is what I have heard Leo claim several times on The Tech Guy.

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