Software for CR3 Raw Files

Is there an alternative to Digital Photo Professional and Lightroom to open CR3 Canon raw files? I tried Darktable, but that doesn’t support CR3 yet. DPP is fine, but not the friendliest of packages to use. Should I just give in to Adobe and get a CC subscription?

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Some ideas:

Starting with viewing:

  1. This can view CR2 files, but I don’t know if it handles CR3

Organizing and batch processing (not free):

  1. Long time ago in a land far away I used Thumbs Plus

Free alternative to LightRoom:

  1. I don’t know if DarkTable might work, but the price is right.

Paid alternative to LightRoom:

  1. Or, of course, there is Luminar

I have the CR3 extension for Windows 10 installed so viewing isn’t the issue. DarkTable doesn’t support CR3.

Might just go for a Lightroom/Photoshop CC sub…

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Oh I was confusing CR3 with CR2 (more specifically I didn’t realize they had created a new format.) Anyway Luminar supports it and I would try it first… Since version 4 is a pretty decent app, it’s worth considering to save the subscription.

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I use Capture One and Affinity Photo. I think you can get free trials of both. I don’t know if they support CR3, but I find them a good combo, if you don’t want to use Adobe products.

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Affinity Photo works and it’s less expensive than LR or PS subscription. I have/use Affinity Photo here and there and it’s just like Photoshop with slightly different UI.


Has anyone used digiKam? It supports CR3 and can organise photos too. It’s open source. Worth a try I think.

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Hey @Pommster, an Aussie company has something you might be interested in, but it’s not free. I’m a big fan of Directory Opus, since my Amiga days, and they just released an update that supports CR3 RAW files in the preview/viewer.

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Interesting! Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb.