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Its really sad that Firefox has such a low user base.
I have been using it for a long time & for me there is no better Browser. I stay away from Microsoft products as much as possible, we all know their track record for Security Problems over the years.

Chrome was never an option for me. In the early days I tried Chrome Portable. I was shocked to see there was no customization. I went through all the settings & said no this garbage & never looked back.

As Steve always says New is not good. He still uses Win 7. I actually care about Security,Privacy & being able to fully Customize my browser the way I want. We have big monitors today, no reason to have a UI like Chrome. I always show the Menu bar then put my icons to the right of that.

The Biggest complaint I have with Firefox is all the changes they have made. They should improve usability not take away things that were actualy good. I have had to go into about:config a lot to fix things. like the double space bookmarks.

I told Mozilla long ago that I don’t want a Chrome Clone.

My feeling on why Firefox has such a low user base is because a lot of people don’t know much about computers & they don’t care about privacy,Security etc. They are not Power Users. I have had no issues making Firefox my default Browser on Windows & Android(Disable Chrome).

I know Paul that its your job to write about Microsoft, but you have a lot of computers. Why not strip one down for your personal use so you don’t get all that crap you don’t like.

When I don’t like something I look for solutions to make it
my computer. For all the people who don’t like some things that
Microsoft has done to Wlin 10 & 11 There is the Group Policy Editor for some things if you have the Pro version of Windows. Here Is what I use.

They just released a new Version 1.60.1



I’ve been using Firefox since it was called Phoenix, although I have tried most of the new browsers of the years, I use Edge at work for managing out Microsoft 365 tenant, and that’s about it.

I have tried Brave as well, which is basically Firefox for people who want a Chromium engine, with a couple of standard privacy add-ins built in, but as I use a PiHole at home, I don’t need those add-ins in Firefox.

I do use Safari on mobile, just because Firefox on mobile is also Safari, and Apple used to only provide an older version of the Webkit engine to other browsers, I don’t know if that is still the case. I did try it on my Mac, but quickly went back to Firefox.

Last week, I tried Arc, which is a very nice browser, in theory. I like the way it works, but a few things are “broken”. For instance, it pops up a window over Outlook (application), when you click on a link in an email, as opposed to opening a new tab in the main browser window. I like that, it is a nice idea, and you know where the window came from. But… it doesn’t allow cookies (I think), which meant that the sign-up process for a new security tool last week failed spectacularly. I then opened the link in a new tab in the main window and that worked, until it came to setting a password, it opened 1Password, get a new password, then it closed the 1Password window, before I could hit save! So I had to log out, do an “I forgot my password” and start over, this time in Firefox…

I think, if Arc can sort out the little problems, it could be a great little browser and I might be tempted to switch from Firefox…

I’m in the minority I think, but I’m quite happy using Edge. Tabs I put on the left vertically and they auto-minimise, just the address bar and a few extension icons in the toolbar. Very clean IMO.

It works very well on Android too. It’s the most ‘desktop-like’ on my tablet, means I can get real stuff done when using it with a keyboard.