Sending email to myself with Google Home

I used to be able to send emails to myself using my Google Home devices and an IFTTT applet that tied into the Google Home service. Google for some reason severed their connectivity with IFTTT for that function, so I’m wondering if anyone has any other way I can do that? This was a lifesaver for me because I could email myself reminders and comments on the fly, and from any room in the house, and I never appreciated how much I relied on that service until it was gone.

It needs to be a method where I am sending specific, custom text with each email message and not just stock comments.

Much thanks for any help that can be offered.

The issue you, presumably, have is that you want a server to accept and store the messages so you can send them from any device and collect them from some other device. If you don’t need the messages to leave your private LAN, then you could craft something custom (if you have dev abilities or know a dev who would do it for you.) Assuming you could get something like a RaspberryPi (supposedly the model 3 is relatively in stock) it could be a nice little server for some cool project.

A NAS, like the Synology NAS, has apps and clients for some features, I don’t know if text notes is one of them, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

If you have some dev chops, you could create yourself your own Discord server, and they have an API for making your own client actions.

Leo uses something like Obsidian to do this.

I’m afraid your proposed solution has nothing at all to do with my issue, but thank you for taking the time to respond.


Richard Finkel

Would dictating notes be any use? They can sync with Keep I think, so accessible from pretty much anywhere.

You need a way to send messages to yourself. It DOESN’T need to be email, and probably shouldn’t be. I was proposing other tools you could develop or use to solve the otherwise simple problem of “send future me the following text”.

As I said before, no matter which solution you choose to follow, you need someone to host a server to receive and store your messages for future collection. Or else use paper and magnets on your fridge.

It would be better than nothing, but not quite as convenient as having my emailed reminders pop up in my usual email program.


I appreciate very much you telling me what I need or don’t need as I’m sure you know me better than I know myself. For 5 years I’ve been able to use IFTTT to send myself emails via voice command using Google Home, and now I’ve lost that function. That’s all I want to get back somehow, and exactly how I phrased my question.

As I said – your response has nothing to do with my question as to how to use Google Home to send myself emails, though I do appreciate you trying to come up with a work-around.

Yes, yes you have lost it, and it’s not coming back. So I was only trying to help the grieving process and move you onto a new way of operating… but I guess it’s too soon for that.

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