Low price way to have a personalized email and keep it

Hi all
It’s not easy to find the right category for my question sorry about that

I have a few different emails that i use every where to have a little bit of categories in my digital life

Now as a leo fan, I’m wondering what is the cheapest and safe way to have and keep a personal email and won’t loose it
So let me give more details:

-Do i need a domain at first 15$ a year?
-if i get google Suit for 6$ a month
How many emails can i have with that
With same price can i have ex: mail@… and hi@… and myname@… or is it just one email?

  • can i move one of my gmails to this so anyone that send me emails to gmail or new accout i get it in the same box

Is there any better solution with the lowest possible price for that?

What would happen if some day i need to cancel or move my account and just keep domain for a while?

Thanks in advance and soory for being in hurry typing

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The best way for personal email is your own domain. Google Suite is priced per user, but you still need your own domain. You would have one mailbox, but as many addresses on that one box.

If you decide to move your domain, you would set it up with a new mail provider, and then migrate your mail to the new provider, then cut it over.

If I weren’t using Gsuite (I’ve been a G apps user since the beginning), I’d probably go for a helm device where the mail is stored on prem.

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Thank you for your reply

I’m seeing blue host have a plan for 1 domain + email-+ one year free domain for 2.99$ a month
Do you know about it so i can have a make an easy website and email with same price
Or should i buy g suit no matter if i get bluehost or not

I’m a bit confused if bluehost and wordpress are same but pricing is way different

I would look at the Helm server. Having your own email server is simple with Helm.


You’re right but putting price away i need to have a good internet as well and for my personal use its a little too much for me to spend

Your best low cost option is to find a friendly nerd with his or her own web site and ask them if they will give you an email address and then shoot them some cash to help fund it. A VPS (Virtual Private Server) can be had for as little as $5/mo, but it won’t have the necessary configuration to operate as a legitimate email server. (You need to take steps to appear legitimate and thus not get blocked as a potential spammer.) Most people can’t do this at home because their ISP rules explicitly deny customers the right to host their own servers for logistical reasons… this is the reason why that Helm server above exists.

(See this link for a fairly good explanation of the complexities https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/why-you-may-not-want-to-run-your-own-mail-server )

You can pay money for POP/IMAP mail hosts. It won’t have your name in the domain, necessarily, but it will work reliably, be fairly secure, and you can download all the mail down to your own machine. For example, Snowdon used Lavabit, which shutdown and then resurrected https://lavabit.com/ . Other choices are Protonmail, and others here: https://alternativeto.net/software/lavabit/


I pay for and use Fastmail, and I’m very happy with it.

What you would do is:

  1. pay a registrar about ~$12 per year for your own domain
  2. pay Fastmail $50 per year for email hosting
  3. use your registrar to set your domain to use Fastmail’s Name Servers.
  4. turn on auto-renew with your registrar
  5. configure your Identities (email addresses) in Fastmail
  6. optional: configure rules to sort email based on the addresses

Here are Fastmail’s instructions.

I receive email at many addresses and domains, but a very easy setup for many people is to register a domain just for your email, and receive emails to sent to anything@youremaildomain.com.


Been using Fastmail for a couple of years now and can concur with the recommendation. Happy with the service. I use it with their app on mobile and Thunderbird on desktop, and haven’t had any issues.

Well, except maybe their spam filtering isn’t the best; more that it errs on false positive side than not catching spam, though I actually don’t get much spam (maybe one spam email a month). I’m fully inbox zero and regularly clean out old email (anything actually important I save as documents, not emails).

That’s one of the benefits, I think, of using your own domain: it’s not as big a target as gmail, outlook, or yahoo. yourname@gmail.com is easy for spammer bots to just guess exists.

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I don’t think this will meet your needs, but for anyone looking for the absolute cheapest option Zoho mail offers free basic email that supports a custom domain, so you’d just pay for domain registration.

It’s very basic (webmail only, 5GB storage, 25MB attachments), but I think Zoho are rather good. I know Leo has reccomended their office products a couple of times on TTG. Looking at their site it looks like you can upgrade to POP and IMAP access for about a dollar a month, but I’ve not tried this myself.

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Thanks for your suggestions everyone
Fast mail could be a good option although it’s a little more pricy and non us based.
Forgive my basic question but ti get it clearly:

  • can i make a few emails to my own domain like Leo did for different companies ex: a@me.  B@me. ... with 50$ y plan?
  • Can i auto forward my existing emails so anyone sending to my old emails get the correct rout to my new one ?

Then i go to their website and change my email to new address

  •  Is there any way to reply old email with new one

Ex: i have a@gmail and lets say i could forward it to a@me So someone sends an email to a@gmail and i recive it in my a@me and reply it in a@me ?

  • what would bappen to my critical emails like backup ir password security emails if i no longer can use fastmail service for any reason in far future

Thanks and sorry

Would have to suggest Rackspace, for around $11 and change you can have 4 mailboxes. I had been looking around myself for a email hosting and been trying out Gsuite for business but, that it was $12 per user. Meaning if I was to add another, it would be another $12.

I pay per year domain registar through Hover and it’s simple to change the DNS records to get your email running correctly.

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These are all good options but it seems like @Kasra would like something more encompassing. Are you looking for web hosting when you say email or are you looking for a domain name as well as email?

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I need to have domain + personal email adress for now
I’m thinking of having a website in near future but fir now the lowest price on having may own domain after@ would be enough

The choice would be much clearer in that case. Even Google has an option for that now. Someone like Go Daddy or Rackspace can provide the domain at cost, give you email using their own servers and when you’re ready, they offer you hosting either with a promo price or different price plans.

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Thanks it makes it easier to decide to go for that rout

I’ve seen blue host has a 2.95$ web hosting snd wondering if that’s gonna work?

Oh one more thing:
Using ios the only apo i see to categorize emails by account/ promotion/social and wont bother with notification for all is gmail
I mean ios native app gives me 999+ unread emails
Yahoo app is somehow same
But with gmail app it is only important emails by account that pops up
Do you think it could be same with new host

This will depend on the plan. You’ll need to shop around for it and see if there is a per mailbox rate. As many have already alluded to, price is a factor, but also privacy and feature set. G Suite, for example, starts at $6/mo/user and includes 30 GB/user.

This will depend on your existing mail provider. If you’re using Gmail, it does do this.

If you forward your new emails from old address to new address, you can just use your new mail account to reply.

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Don’t forget something like digital ocean and dockerized mailcow. I am in the process of switching over to mailcow from mail-in-a-box. It is a good bit easier and has migration tools. You’ll find that once you are used to it, you will start moving family and friends over.

Plus one, if you already have business class internet and get line techs whenever you have an issue. Then local hosting is a breeze.