ATG 47: How to Create a Custom Email Address

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Here’s how I did roughly the same thing with using non-paid Gmail servers and the $5.00 per year 1 address forward from Hover rather than having to use a paid email provider:

In Hover using the Forward function

  • Set up the email account name you want (the name you want before the
  • Enter your gmail email address to forward to

Then, in Gmail settings:

  • Account and Import > Send email as > Add another email address
  • Enter your name and your personal email address you created with Hover. Make sure the “Treat as an alias” is checked. Click Next Step
  • SMTP settings should be fine. Click Save Changes.

Now, you can receive AND send email using your custom email address rather than just forward it and then having to send it from your gmail address.


I recently bought the Hover Small Mailbox for my domain. I’m slowly moving as much as I can from Google. I don’t like using Gmail web interface, and wanted more standard IMAP implementation in apps. But I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed with Hover’s email service. Importing contacts and messages didn’t really work through their web interface (but it did using Apple’s apps). Bigger issue though is I’m not confident that my emails are being delivered, especially since this is for business. I’ll often send small audio files to my clients. Since switching from Gmail, it’ll either take longer to send (like I’ll send from hover first, gmail 2nd, but the get the gmail one first), or it won’t be delivered at all. And it doesn’t have features like aliases. But it’s relatively cheap.

I’ve been looking for a service to eventually replace my personal gmail (and junk email boxes), and have options to give my wife/kids a custom address. Fastmail looks great, but I can’t share storage. Migadu looks interesting.