Senate vote allows for FBI surveilling of browsing history

Article here:

There is a lot of mixed reporting on this one, but this vote allows for the FBI to continue a practice of snooping on browsing and search history.
It is not clear how the FBI, or other law enforcement agencies, are obtaining this data.

If this data were to actually be used in a criminal prosecution, a Judge could still find that a warrant is required, despite the law. But, I doubt that this kind of surveillance data will ever make its way into a courtroom.

Makes me glad I live in a free country, where the courts slapped the government’s hands when they tried to do this sort of surveillance a few years ago. The government hear also talked about the Bundestrojaner, that they wanted to put on every citizen’s PC, luckily the Constitutional Court told them where to go.

They are allowed to put it on suspects PCs, but they have to get a warrant and they have to gain physical access to the PC, they aren’t allowed to remotely attack it, according to the last judgement I read.

I wouldn’t want to live under such an oppresive regime as the USA that constantly ignores it own laws and constitution.

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I thought Sarbanes Oxley already permitted this