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I can’t really understand complacency in voting. I understand the emotions behind it, but not the logic of deciding not to vote. Even though Supreme Court justices aren’t themselves elected, there is a direct line of cause and effect between who people vote for and who the justices are.

  • The party affiliation of the president determines who is nominated to the Supreme Court if there’s an opening on it during that president’s term.
  • Whether the president’s nomination gets through is sometimes determined by which party is in control of Congress. How many people vote in congressional races and who they vote for has, additionally, a direct effect on what legislation can and can’t be passed.
  • Big decisions by the Supreme Court have repeatedly been divided along party lines. Even that alone is proof that voting matters and that the parties aren’t the same.
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Possibly when someone (me) feels like there’s no victory in anything, someone (I) will have complacency about voting.

So many weird double standards or loop holes in the USA justice system. Then the added potential of “scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back” lobbyi$t in the mix.


A very somber episode, but I loved having the hosts drive the conversation. Great people, speaking from the heart. It’s what you want in a podcast.

I was really happy that @gigastacey got a lot more time than usual to expound on several subjects. I guess I just prefer the democracy, in general.

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I very much enjoyed this episode, when it first started and @JeffJarvis stated it was going to be a democratic episode I kinda flinched and thought oh no this is gonna be Jeff on a liberal rant since @Leo wasn’t there to reign him in. However my apologies to Jeff because he did an excellent job of hosting the show and being very democratic about it all, and didn’t make it a show about his personal beliefs. Keep up the great work team.

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I’m afraid I had the opposite experience.

For me, in EDT time zone, the live show is available in the middle of my supper time. I frequently have it on as I am cooking, serving and eating supper. In this particular case, the show was so lacking in any kind of energy I simply switched it off (and put on a [French] music video service instead.) Maybe it got better after the first 15 or 20 minutes that I saw, but I’ll never know because I just can’t find the interest to go back and see. Of the three panelists that aren’t @Leo, they can seem to be kind of understated without someone like Leo present to bring out their energy (or maybe it’s to inject some energy for them to work with and react to.)

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Much respect to you, sir

Totally fair, sir. :fist_right:t5:

That’s fair. Personally, I also appreciate emotional honesty in the approach to the topics. If I wanted incorrigible, bubbly energy, I’d go to YouTube. Honestly, those types of episodes on the Twit show aren’t for me, but luckily there is enough variety of content to keep as all coming back.

have to chuckle at " google home page carbon neutral since 2007"
google would not be here if there were no user’s & until all user’s of google are “carbon neutral” google it self will not be
great show enjoyed it

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People familiar with the history of the courts’ interpretation of the US Constitution know that until the Warren Court of the 1950s-60s, federal courts were reluctant to impose federal supremacy on the states. The reasons for this go back to the federalist papers and the original intent of the Founding Fathers. They created a republic composed of states, which was completely different from what was seen then and now in Europe. America was created different because of the very bad American experience under an all-powerful central authority in the 18th century.

The Founding Fathers believed states had the better ability to make laws in line with the beliefs of their population, rather than a central authority far away. This was back when America had a population of under 4 million people. Now that America has grown to over 330 million people, having one set of laws on every matter without creating domestic discontent is far from realistic.

Anyone with a memory reaching back to the Reagan years or before knows that activist courts and politicians pushing European-style governance are more responsible for the divisions in American society than the “bad orange man” was. To limit domestic strife, we’re better off letting the US government stick to the enumerated powers and letting the states do the rest. People can pick the best alternative for them by permanently moving to those states and the ultimate winners can be determined like in any other free market.

The current Supreme Court is also an activist court. It just happens to be actively undoing years of precedent and producing results that it appears you agree with. At the lowest level, courts are a substitute for the will of the people. Being tried by a “jury of your peers” is meant to assume that the jury represents the common man and the will of the people.

Laws are meant to be of the people for the people. Popular will is what elects the law makers, who make the laws reflecting the people’s needs, desires and goals. Taxes, for example, while unpopular, are allowed by the people when their usage reflects the goals of society as a whole.

The current US electoral system is broken, and no longer works for the will of its citizens… it is functioning to keep the gravy train of money from lobbyists running on time. If America wants to fix its problems, it would be well advised to fix its government first… and get money out of politics. Don’t ask me how that can be accomplished, but it most assuredly needs to happen.


and to enact term limits to get rid of CAREER politicians

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If you can get elected on the will of the people, there shouldn’t be a limit. If they are being elected on the will of the richest and most influencial, they should never get into office in the first place. But the system is completely broken - and this corruption is spreading its fingers around the world.