Frontline "In the Age of AI"

If you missed the 2 hour Frontline aired Nov 5 you really missed something. I recorded it and watch over and over. You can stream it with a PBS Passport subscription ($60 yr.) Revealed are many of the ways our data is being used and its only the tip of the iceberg to come. Its unbelievable that things such as how fast we fill in a form, or how often we recharge our devices are being used to build a profile to pigeon hole us. In China this information is amassed and used to determine who is loyal an who is not. Can we be far behind?

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Yes, it looks extremely good, can’t wait to watch it! (I deleted my diatribe about how people need to see beyond data collection as quid pro quo…let them watch the video or read a book, lol.)

Forgot to mention earlier that Frontline’s two-part series The Facebook Dilemma (about 4 hours long) was excellent too. If this new AI doc is half as good, it’ll really be something.

OK, we finally got around to watching this, and it was excellent. Should be required viewing for anyone who still thinks surveillance capitalism is about trading personal privacy for better Google services or ads on Instagram. (It’s not.) Absolutely chilling implications for the future of democracy, personal freedom, and human rights everywhere. Also, our gurl :heart: Amy Webb :heart: featured prominently (esp. in the last two segments), as did other familiar faces like Shoshana Zuboff, Roger McNamee, Nicholas Thompson (editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine), and California digital privacy warrior Alastair Mactaggart. Started out a bit slow, but each segment got better and better…a 9 out of 10.

I’m watching it now…very interesting! Yeah, I saw the bit with Amy Webb.
If anyone is interested/curious, you can watch it on Youtube at


I know…I just tossed everything that connects to the internet in the trash! (Well except for a couple things).

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Thanks for posting the link. As I said earlier, it (along with The Facebook Dilemma) should be required viewing.

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This was a very interesting show. A little scary thinking about what it will be like in 20,30,50 years from now


“The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.” – William Gibson